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In 2002 Toynami released a new line of 1/60 scale transforming toys of the veritech fighters from Robotech. The first line included 5 veritech models from the first chapter of Robotech, The Macross Saga, and one model from the video game Robotech Battlecry. This line was followed in 2004 by 4 additional toys of the veritechs from the third chapter of Robotech, The New Generation. Each toy featured box art of the character who flew the veritech model included. The individual character art is part of two larger images of all the characters with a background that advertises each of the toy lines. Customers who bought their toys from had the opportunity to get limited edition reproduction cels and backgrounds of these advertising pictures with their purchase. Being reproduction cels and backgrounds, they are not hand painted but machine printed. There is one cel per character and one background per toy line.

 Macross Saga Group

 Rick Hunter

 Roy Fokker

 Ben Dixon

 Max Sterling

 Miriya Sterling
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