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I was so amazed when I first saw these cels. I was immediately drawn to them. The subtle comedy in them is great. Having never seen any Macross cels like these before, and being given little description by the seller, I was somewhat concerned about the authenticity of these cels. I have seen Macross settei cels before and they are not similar to these at all. I posted the question on a few forums but got limited response. I liked the cels so much that I was going to try and buy them anyways but I didn't want to pay too much if they turned out to be fan made pieces and not original production work. The thing that convinced me was what I found in my copy of the Macross Perfect Memory book. I found quite a few images mixed in with various screenshots from the show that are done in an identical style and the same whimsical fashion, though I didn't find any of the exact cels. I also judged the quality of the artwork to be quite good in the cels. When I did get the cels I noticed that they have some significant line fading which leads me to beleive the age is correct to be original pieces. So I beleive them to be original to the production studio that made Macross. Even if they are not, I enjoy them so much I am glad to have them in my collection.

 Minmei 2012 Settei

 Rick and Lisa

 Bridge Bunny Settei

 Minmei Settei

 Max's Battloid Settei

 Battle Pod Settei

 Veritech Settei

 Gerwalk Settei

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