Robotech II The Sentinels

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Robotech II The Sentinels was intended to be the sequel of the widely popular series Robotech. The project was unfortunately canceled due to budgetary concerns after only 3 episodes were produced. These three episodes were later released to the Robotech fan-base in OVA form.

The beginning of The Sentinels takes place some time after the events of the Macross Saga but before those told in Masters. After surviving near total destruction at the hands of the Zentraedi, the people of Earth decide that the next battle, if fought at all, will not be on Earth. They therefore decide to seek out the creators of the Zentraedi, the Robotech Masters, and sue for peace. The Robotech Expeditionary Force is formed and the SDF-3 is built to carry that expedition to the Robotech Master's homeworld of Tyrol.

Unbeknownst to the expeditionary force, the Robotech Masters have already left their homeworld for Earth and the reserves of Protoculture they hope to find there. With the Robotech Expeditionary Force gone, the Earth is relatively unprotected and the arrival of the Robotech Masters triggers the Second Robotech War, as told in the second chapter of the Robotech series.

Meanwhile, with the Robotech Masters away, their defenseless homeworld is ravaged by the Invid under the leadership of the male Regent, who believes the stollen Protoculture is still in the Master's posession. When the Robotech Expeditionary Force arrives at Tyrol it is pulled into the conflict there with the Invid. The title of the sequel, The Sentinels, refers specifically to the name of an alliance of other alien species, who also have been oppressed by the Invid, that join with the Robotech Expeditionary Force.

Early in the Regent's invasion of Tyrol, a second faction of the Invid lead by the female Regis, who is disgusted with the barbaric, war-like actions of her Regent counterpart, decides on a different course of action. When it becomes clear that the Protoculture is not on Tyrol (it is hidden on the SDF-1 on Earth, the viewer knows), the Regis starts to search the galaxy for the lost Protoculture. The events at the end of the Masters chapter of Robotech specifically signal the Regis that the Protoculture she seaks is on Earth and she invades the planet as shown in the New Generation chapter. As told in New Generation, the Robotech Expeditionary Force returns to Earth to expel the Invid invaders. The SDF-3, and now Admiral, Rick Hunter, does not complete the spacefold to Earth and becomes "lost". Finding the lost Admiral Hunter becomes a preoccupation of New Generation hero, Scott Bernard. The end of the Third Robotech War, shown in New Generation, and Scott Bernard's search for the missing Admiral Hunter become the launching point for the recently successfully completed Robotech sequel called, Robotech II The Shadow Chronicles.

 Rick and Lisa

 Rick and Lisa Hunter

 Miriya Sterling and Jean Grant

 Young Dana

 Max Sterling

 Jack Baker

 Dr Lang and Lisa Hayes

 Rick and Lisa

 Breetai and Lisa



 Miriya, Mrs. Sterling

 Karen Penn

 Karen and Dr Penn

 Jack Baker

 Max Sterling and Breetai

 Major General Hunter

 Major General Hunter

 Invid Regent and Enforcer

 Invid Clam Ships

 Invid Enforcer

 Invid Shock Trooper

 Inorganic Cougar

 Invid Regis

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