Wings of Honneamise

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Wings of Honneamise is an OVA, set in a world not at all unlike ours, about man's first attempts to send a person into space. The main character, Shirotzugh Lhadatto, is an unremarkable member of the floundering Royal Space Force. The Royal Space Force has just suffered a set back with the death of one of its members during a mission. Shiro is board and directionless and the Royal Space Force is on the verge of being disbanded because it just seems like spacefight is to difficult and dangerous. It is at this point, that Shiro meets the spiritual Leiqunni Nondelaiko who urges him to follow God and turn to a more spiritual and moral life. Something about his encounter with Leiqunni inspires Shiro and he now has drive and purpose. At a meeting the next day, Shiro is the only recruit to show interest in maintaining the spaceflight program and volunteers to be on the next mission which, if successful, will make him the first person to go into space.

An awesome anime! Wings of Honneamise is second in my book only to my beloved Macross. I had the honor this fall of meeting the producer of Wings of Honneamise, Hiroaki Inoue, at a convention in Chicago. He told me that, of all the shows he has worked on, Wings of Honneamise is one of the shows he is most satisfied with. I can't blame him, the world and characters he helped create are so realistic and rich. Though an animated creation, Wings of Honneamise hearkens to our own world and the Space Race of the 1960's. I highly recommend it!


 Navy Jet

 Launch Prep Celebration

 Leiqunni with Photo

 Shiro's Breathing Excercises

 General Khaidenn


 Angry Leiqunni

 Angry Leiqunni

 Angry Leiqunni

 Street Traffic

 Girl Watching

 Crowded Street

 Control Bunker Celebration

 Shiro Gambling

 Leiqunni Walking Away

 Cadet Playing Cards

 Shiro With Stubble

 Shiro Convention Sketch

 Shiro Talking


 Leiqunni Nondelaiko

 Cadet in Dress Uniform

 Shiro Walking
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