Southern Cross (Robotech)

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The middle part of Robotech, Southern Cross continues the story after the First Robotech War and the heroes of the SDF-1 have left Earth in search of the creators of the Zentraedi, the Robotech Masters. Unbeknownst to them, the Robotech Masters have actually journeyed to Earth in search of the missing protoculture furnace they need to resupply the dwindling energy reserves of their dying society.

Conflict erupts, and it is left to the children who were left behind by the heroes of the SDF-1 to protect the Earth. The main character Dana Sterling is, of course, the child of ace pilots Max and Miriya Sterling. Her close friend, Bowie Grant, is the nephew of SDF-1 bridge officer Claudia Grant. Claudia's brother Vince (Bowie's father) has made the journey to look for the Robotech Masters and is a close confidant of Rick Hunter's in the aborted sequel, Robotech II: The Sentinels.

 Dana Sterling

 Marie Crystal


 Marie Crystal Genga 1

 Marie Crystal Genga 2

 Marie Crystal Genga 3

 Marie Crystal Genga 4

 Marie Crystal Genga 5

 Marie Crystal Genga 6

 Marie Crystal Genga 7

 Marie Crystal Genga 8

 Marie Crystal Genga 9

 Marie Crystal Genga 10

 Marie Crystal Genga 11

 Marie Crystal Genga 12

 Marie Crystal Genga 13

 Dana Sterling Genga 2

 Dana Sterling Genga 3

 Dana Sterling Genga 4

 Dana Sterling Genga 5

 Dana Sterling Genga 6

 Dana Sterling Genga 7

 Dana Sterling Genga 8

 Dana Sterling Genga 9
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