Mospeada (Robotech)

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The culmination of the Robotech story, Mospeada was a Japanese anime combined with two other unrelated shows (Macross and Southern Cross) to produce a TV program in America with the required number of episodes for sydication. For a long time, this part was my favorite of the three that make up Robotech. I was drawn to the idea of the resistant fighters struggling for control of their homeworld against oppressive alien overlords. The cyclones are just darn cool also! I have since gone back to my roots and think that Macross is my favorite.

 Robotech War Veteran

 Rand and Lancer


 Scott Bernard

 Rand and Rook

 It's a man baby!



 Cyclone Animated GIF

 Invid Animated GIF

 Missle Attack Animated GIF

 Combined Douga Animated GIF


 Scott Grabbing Rand

 Scott Bernard

 Rook Bartley

 Rook CVR Armor

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