Macross TV (Robotech)

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The classic first part of Robotech that showed me for the first time that all animation wasn't targeted towards children. I was amazed at how real the characters felt to me and I could really relate to them. The realism of the show made me believe this was an alternate history (or possible future as it were when I first saw it in 1985 since the story starts in 1999) and not science fiction or fantasy. My first and truest animation love.

 Max Sterling

 Minmei Hanging On



 Rick in Helmet



 VF Cockpit Interior

 Rick Shouting

 Lisa Hayes

 Rick & Minmei's Father



 VF Cockpit Side

 Rick and Minmei

 Max and Miriya

 Admiral Hayes

 Gerwalk in Uniform

 Orguss Battloid

 Roy Fokker

 Omni-directional Barrier


 Video Game Battloid

 Jan Morris
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