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The original movie that started it all. I didn't find out about the movie until I had already seen the Robotech TV show and was clammering for anything related to it I could find. I was able to track down a copy of the movie at a convention and it solidified my love for Macross/Robotech. I still think 20 years later that it is the best anime movie/OVA I have ever seen.

 Roy Fokker

 VF Super Valkyrie

 Bodolza Flagship

 Bodolza Flagship

 Macross Transforming

 Max and Miriya Sapce Battle

 Captain Gloval

 VF-1S Guns Blazing

 HIkaru Dress Uniform

 Misa Hayase

 Max Zentran Helmet

 Hikaru Ichijo

 VF-1S Strike HIkaru Type

 Exedol and Britai

 Lynn Kaifun

 VT-1 Ostrich

 Misa Hayase

 Surprised Max

 Tabloid Picture

 Zentraedi Cruiser

 Male Power Armor and Explosion

 VT-1 Supper Ostrich Gerwalk Mode

 Smashed Cockpit Book Cel

 Hikaru Ichijo
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