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Macross Armada Pan
Source: TV
Layers: 2
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: B Book, C Book
Oversize, 11W x 20.75H

No Background

Added 9/17/2007
Updated 9/17/2007
Here we have 2 very cool oversized douga from a vertical pan shot of the SDF-1 and a fleet of veritechs and Zentraedi battlepods. This shot comes from episode #27, Force of Arms. This pan establishes the SDF-1 and the mixed RDF and friendly Zentraedi fighters before the start of the climatic battle with Dolza's main fleet.

I have included a scan of a magazine foldout poster to show what the pan looks like with all its layers, background and color. I only have the douga for the B layer (SDF-1) and C layer (background fighters). I am missing the A and D layers which appear from the final pan to be, respectivaly, the green Zentraedi cruisers behind the SDF-1 and the closeup fighters. Close inspection of the SDF-1 layer shows quite a bit of detail. The scan really doesn't do it much justice. The pencil work on the fighter layer actually appears quite rough when viewed close up. I have also included a photoshopped composite of the two douga.

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