So it has been a couple years now and this gallery certainly has grown in that time. I am very happy to have found some truely wonderfull pieces. I am still collecting what I like, not where popular demand or monitary value might take me. Because of this, you will find some rather small cels or those of obscure vehicles, characters or poses. Also the quest goes on to find certain "one off" cels from favorite shows I only want one nice cel from. I have found this cel from Princess Mononoke and Akira but Ghost in the Shell and Ninja Scroll continue to elude me.

Hope you enjoy!

News & Updates

9/7/2019Added a few valkyrie cels that are not from Macross, but from a little known anime called Rampoo that spoofed Macross in one of its episodes. I have not seen the actual episode since they were never made available on DVD.
7/8/2019Just updated a large number of douga that I bought in a single lot. Half of the douga I did not know were in the lot because no scans of them were included with the auction, so it was a very pleasant surprise when I opened the package.
1/29/2011I just added my latest purchase, a cel from one of my favorite scenes from Robotech. I can't say I have been very active in the community of late, but I am still around. :)
7/20/2009Well almost a year has passed since my last update, I guess a mixture of economic factors and lack of interesting available cels. A new, highly sought after cel has just been added though. Enjoy!

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Akira 3/23/2006
Cel Backgrounds 2/21/2006
Original Artwork 9/18/2007
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Quovadis Game Art 7/11/2005
Rampoo the Flying Warped Boy 9/7/2019
Rock & Rule 9/7/2021
Wings of Honneamise 7/25/2021

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